6 Totally Random Hobbies for Lockdown 2.0

Banana bread baking is so Spring 2020.

With a possible lockdown 2.0 probably around the corner (or already in action for some), the most wonderful time of the year is going to be a bit different this winter. BUT there is one thing to get excited about – trying some new & totally random lockdown hobbies!! Yes. We are going to TAKE CONTROL of our free time and try something creative and fun! While dabbling in bread baking and TikTok stardom was fun back in Spring 2020, I’m sure we’re all ready for something new and ~outrageous~ to try. Here are some of my very ~zilly~ suggestions:

1. Soup Making

Soup is honestly one of the most underrated foods. It is healthy AND delicious AND versatile. With so many veggies in season right now, you can really get creative. Carrot-ginger soup? Butternut squash-parsnip-pumpkin? The possibilities are truly ENDLESS.

2. Calligraphy & Card Making

Who doesn’t love receiving a handmade card during the holidays?? You can send a little bit of joy to your friends and family this year by sending out some cute little cards. All you need to do is turn on the Christmas tunes, perfect your penmanship, and use as much glitter and as many cut out snowflakes as possible!!

3. Candle Crafting

I did this once at a pioneer village as a child, and oh it is truly riveting. It kills a whole bunch of time, you can customize your scents/colours however you like, and you will have candles that didn’t cost $30 when all is done!

4. Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing 

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun outside!! The great thing about cross country skiing or snowshoeing is that you don’t have to buy a ski hill pass to participate in it – all you need is to invest in a couple pieces of equipment. Plus you get to explore nature, and find a fun new way to workout – which isn’t following along to some fitness video on your laptop.

5. Scrapbooking

Aah “our trip to Paris 2018”. Who doesn’t love to look back on the times when we could actually travel to other countries, or live it up with family and friends? Getting ~creative~ with your photos, souvenirs, and a little bit of glitter will leave you with an awesome keepsake you can treasure for YEARS.  Also this requires a lot of time and patience which is ideal for days stuck indoors!

6. Learning an Instrument 

I found out recently that lots of libraries allow you to rent out a variety of instruments, which is pretty neat! Always wanted to pursue your childhood dream of playing the cello? Who knows, maybe you could be the next Yo-Yo Ma! As a music nerd myself, I will be definitely be delving into a learning a new instrument. 

So there you have it – six new hobbies to try out this winter season. Whether you want to keep it safe and stick to candle making, or try your hand at every single one, I guarantee you will enjoy learning something new (or at least kill some time)!! 


Olivia and the Zillennials 

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