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Did somebody say candles?

Feeling stressed? Buy a candle!

If you’re anything like me, you’re one candle away from being a full on Bath and Body Works store. But given the current state of the world, I truly believe a bubble bath, a glass of wine and a great smelling candle can cure anything.

However not all candles are made equal. Some are too sweet and smell like Kool-Aid or others have no scent at all. Today I’m here to recommend 5 candles you need in your life for every occasion – sourced from my personal favourite, White Barn by Bath and Body Works.

  1. Mahogany Teakwood – This fragrance will take you back to a 2008 Hollister store, but hey I’m not complaining. I jokingly call this the boyfriend candle because it does have a hint of teenage boy who just took an Axe shower but it’s cologne undertone isn’t too overpowering. The perfect candle for a cozy or romantic night in.
  2. White Tea and Sage – A classic kitchen scent. Fresh herbs make this candle great for a windows open, sunshine filled day of cooking. I like to light this candle and imagine I’m spending the day in the garden or by the sea. How charming!
  3. Fresh Balsam – Smells like a straight up Christmas tree but it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit! Fresh and woodsy, this candle is the perfect way to transform your home into a cottage in the woods.
  4. Pumpkin Bonfire – My newest favourite! The perfect fall candle. It’s not sickly sweet like some of the other fall classics (pumpkin pecan waffles – no thank you!) but it does have the slight pumpkin-y aroma mixed with the perfect smoky bonfire scent. Here’s to making the days of apple picking, pumpkin patches and fall leaves last forever.
  5. Rose Water and Ivy – A dip in the pool…a trip to the spa…endless days in my chaise…oh wait. But seriously this clean fresh scent of this candle will make you feel like you’re in a 5 star spa being pampered or lounging by the pool. A great choice for truly any occasion.

Ironically, I wrote a blog post a while back talking about how you can’t buy everyone candles for the holidays. While that may still be true, I do strongly support treating yourself to a new candle or two as the seasons change for the perfect way to elevate any date night in, set the mood for a virtual yoga session or complement a bubble bath. A simple way to lift your spirits and brighten up any room.

Happy shopping!


Paige and the Zillennials

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