Welcome to The Zillennial

(UPDATE: this blog post is NOT a serious interpretation of how we view generations, but really just our light hearted introductory post to our blog about “adulthood hacks”. Thanks for visiting. XOXO)

So what is this blog all about? Well, from our experience, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to where the line is drawn between the Millennial and Gen Z age demographic. As ’97s, we definitely feel stuck between whether we identify as one or the other. So what does that mean for us? Who are we? And how the heck do we navigate adulthood if we can’t even figure out which generation we are a part of?

Well first thing’s first, let’s get this straight: What makes someone a Millennial or a Gen Z? From our research, across the board, sources can agree on a few traits which define Millennials and Gen Z:

Millennials did not grow up in the iPad era, instead, they grew up using MSN and MySpace on their parents’ desktop computer. Further, Millennials are very optimistic and idealistic- they grew up during a time when the economy was good, and so they are not extremely careful with money (avocado toast anyone?). They love expressing themselves through brands.

Gen Z grew up in the technology era- most of their childhood was spent with social media, iPads, and smartphones always at hand. Gen Z grew up during the economic crisis, meaning they are a bit more frugal when it comes to spending money. Gen Z really values expressing their individuality.  

So for those of us who maybe cannot strictly define ourselves as one of these, where do we fit in? TRICK QUESTION. We will not fit in. We will STAND OUT.

We are ~the Zillennials~. We are that group between generations, and we are charting our own map for the future. The next time Baby Boomers blame Millennials for ruining everything, or complain about how Gen Z does not look up from their cell phones, you can say: “hey! That’s not me! I’m a Zillennial, and I’m kicking a**!”.

So let’s navigate adulthood and everything that comes with it, together: from finding the ideal career, to moving out on our own, to figuring out what wine we’re supposed to order at a classy restaurant.

Let’s get our sh*t together fellow Zillennials.



Aidan, Olivia, and Paige.