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How to be #SingleAF

Whether #singleAF looks like binge watching Netflix and eating a tub of Ben and Jerrys on a Friday night or date night (with your cat), we want to hear about it!

Do you ever have those moments when you feel literally #singleAF? We want to hear about a time (or multiple times) when that was you. (Don’t worry, it’s anonymous!)

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Boxed Wine

Bodacious? Don’t know her. It’s time to get ~classy~!

Listen up everyone. We have a serious issue to address. For some reason we have been absolutely horrible to wine culture: Passing off a $10 bottle of Bodacious as a “good” wine. Then binge-drinking said wine. And…the entire existence of  *shudders* boxed wine. It is tragic. We need to stop.

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There is so much more to the art that is, as the Italians call it, ~vino~. Wine is an entire experience. A journey, if you may.

Now lets be real though. There is way too much about wine to know and realistically, we don’t really have the time or desire to care about every single detail. But lets cover some basics to help you seem like you actually know what you are doing when the server hands you the wine list, and hence, avoid embarrassing yourself in front of your cute date.

We’ll cover everything from what the heck a dry wine is, to confidently being able to say that you can taste the oaky, fruity flavour notes in your Chardonnay.

There’s more than just Red and White

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So you know the difference between a red and a white wine. Congrats, you are not colour-blind. But let’s dig a bit deeper into the differences between taste and texture of a few different types of “Reds” and “Whites” -because a difference does exist.

Red Wine

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For some reason, we are all terrified of red wine. But in fact, red wine is actually kind of healthy for you, and quite delicious. You can typically pair a red wine with red meats or a nice charcuterie board.

Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

These are both full-bodied wines, meaning that they are rich in texture, taste, and weight. Merlot is a very smooth, dark wine, and has notes of cherry and plum. Cabernet Sauvignon is a bit more acidic, with riper notes of currant and pepper.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is most typically classified by its light, acidic taste. It is also fruity. And dry. Delicious.

White Wine

giphy (19)

White wine is also quite lovely, when treated well. It pairs well with seafood, and creamy sauces/cheeses


Ah, Chardonnay. This is a very popular, and full bodied wine. It is both oaky and fruity, with fresh notes of apple and citrus.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc can be best described by its refreshing and crisp taste. It is acidic with earthy and herbal flavour notes, and typically has hues of green.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a very refreshing, almost oily, light-bodied wine -which can be contrasted with the full-bodied Chardonnay. It typically has a fruity, almost spicy taste.

And a thing about Rosé Wine…

giphy (17)

No, Rosé is not made with pink grapes. Rosé is a nice, light pink colour because the skins of the grapes are removed during the fermentation process. Now you know.

Just an FYI, this only skims the surface. Within each of these wine types, there are even more ways to break it down. Not only that, but there are more types of wine which we haven’t even discussed yet. But we’re not going to get that intimate with the vino.

HOWEVER, here are a few important variants you should know about:

Dry: A dry wine just means that there are minimal or no added sugars- so they are not very sweet. If you care about the full wine experience, try to order a dry wine, as this will make sure the lovely flavour notes are not sugar-coated (haha literally).

Oaky: Wine has something called tannin, which is a powdery substance found in ingredients such as oak, grape seeds etc. Tannin is what makes your mouth feel “dry” when you are drinking the wine.

Fruity: The fruity notes in your wine can vary according to different climates (warm or cold). After all, wine is made all over the world. For example, in warmer climates you will most likely get notes of more tropical fruits.

Taste the Wine

Believe it or not, wine was not meant for chugging the whole bottle before going out on a Saturday night. There is, in fact, a specific way to drink your wine to taste flavour notes other than “drunk”.

giphy (15)

Luckily, I visited Italy just to collect the best wine tasting knowledge for all you poor souls. SO, to fully embrace all that the wine has to offer, follow these steps:

1. See the wine

giphy (23).gif

First, observe the colour of your wine. If it’s a white, are there hues of gold? Straw? If it’s a red is it a deep, dark cherry colour? Or is it more of a bold red, like strawberries? Observing your wine will help you be more in tune with the fermentation process used to make your wine- In case you were interested in that.

2. Smell the wine

giphy (21).gif

Observe the scent of the wine by bringing the glass close to your nose (and smell it). Then, give the glass a twirl to release the flavour notes. Smell it again. See if there is a difference: are there fruity notes? Earthy ones?

3. Chew the wine

giphy (22).gif

Now that you have used two of your senses, it is time to taste the wine. Take a sip and “chew” it around in your mouth. This way, you can observe the different tastes in the different places of your mouth. Try to observe the freshness in the side of your mouth. That sensation comes from minerals which are in the soil where the grapes are grown.

4. Drink the wine

giphy (24).gif

This is now a great time to swallow the wine. Obviously.

Now, hopefully you have developed somewhat of an appreciation for the art of vino. Next time you go out, you can impress your date by ordering a bottle of wine like a pro (or to just sound like a pretentious a**hole, whatever you’re into really).

So go celebrate your new knowledge with a charcuterie board and a nice bottle of Merlot with some friends.  Cheers! Saluti! Prost! Skål!

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Olivia & the Zillennials

Goodbye Crop Tops and Jerseys: Building a Sophisticated Wardrobe

A one stop guide to dressing like a sophisticated individual.

So here’s the sitch: You’ve just started your first real job, meaning that you are ~officially~ an adult. Congratulations. It’s a Friday night and your fellow colleagues have invited you to go with them to the bar to grab a couple cocktails. Woohoo! You love a good gin and tonic! BUT…before you leave, you realize that you have an absolute CONUNDRUM. What are you going to wear?!

You look in your closet and see a few options:

A) Black Crop Top?

B) White Crop Top?

C) Yankees Jersey?

D) Lakers Jersey?

Hmm. Difficult choice…

Well listen up now people, because actually, the answer is E) NONE OF THE ABOVE!

giphy (6)

Unfortunately, you are no longer in #college (sad!) and cannot wear these things out in public. Your reputation is at stake for goodness sake! I mean, you are trying to show people that you are a sophisticated, REAL adult now, right?!

Now for those of you who thought “E is my answer!” then, congrats! You are on the right track and are probably already a classy-looking individual, or at least steps ahead of the rest of us (well, that is assuming you were not thinking that you would prefer a shiny, silver crop top). But for the rest of y’all, oh boy, we have some work to do. Good news though! We are here to help you revisit your poor wardrobe decisions and help you physically look like you have your sh*t together!

So here we go…


giphy (8).gif

This is a BIG one. Every year there are those items which suddenly become super trendy for no apparent reason. Would you ever even consider wearing Uggs now? Puffy Pants? Chokers? …No? Well there’s my point. Okay, so technically I wore a choker last week but you get what I am saying. If it seems like a weird trend, it probably is. These “trends” change ALL the time, don’t waste your money or wardrobe space on items which you do not see yourself wearing in the long term. After the fad goes away, those items do nothing for your fashion aesthetic besides collect dust at the back of your closet. So save your money for Sunday brunch. Or an apartment.


giphy (9).gif

Basics are your best friend! They are incredibly versatile and wearing them will help you to appear more put-together. And the best part is that you will get SO many compliments on your “new style”. (No seriously,  you will!)  Basics go far beyond a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. We’re really just talking about having clean lines and minimal designs in your oh-so-beautiful wardrobe essentials here. Investing in high quality basics will help your wardrobe last through the years, and the most bizarre trends that are yet to come.


giphy (10).gif

Admit it, you’ve bought a few items which have maybe made it out of your closet once. So, take this from a used-to-be impulse shopper: NEVER make a purchase unless you see yourself making several outfits out of it. That one “must-have piece” will never be worth the hundreds of dollars just to wear it one time. When shopping, mentally go through your wardrobe and think, what can I pair this item with? What else can I pair it with? Will I REALLY wear this on a regular basis? Once you have answered all these questions, and are truly being realistic with yourself, get the piece. Or, if you absolutely must have it because it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, make an investment and buy the rest of the outfit to go with it! It will be worth it.


giphy (12).gif

People don’t want to see your what-may-have-once-been-white Stan Smiths. Make sure your shoes and accessories are up to par with the rest of your outfit. Believe it or not, important people (aka interviewers, bosses) are looking at little details… such as what’s on your feet. As Forrest Gump once said, “my mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes”. So, invest in a few nice pairs of shoes, and keep them looking nice…do NOT trek through mud, rain, or snow in your shoes. Ever. That’s what a nice pair of Hunter boots are for sweetie. And it doesn’t just stop at shoes. Now that you’re an adult, you can add some nice accessories to your outfit too! Invest in a nice scarf, bag, and pair of sunglasses. Accessories can instantly upgrade your outfit from drab to fab. So be fab. Always.


giphy (7).gif

Now, let’s face it, you’re not going to build up your wardrobe in 2 days. None of us have the ability to do that…or the money probably. It takes time. But also, remember that it’s okay to treat yourself! Try to invest in one nice piece for your wardrobe each season- whether it be a nice bag, pair of shoes, or jacket. This will help you to build up your wardrobe over the years, while also being budget friendly.

*BONUS* you don’t have to buy everything at Aritzia or H&M!

no way.gif

Can you believe that there are some retailers which aren’t Aritzia, Zara, or H&M? Shocking, right? There are a lot of great, smaller retailers which have high quality items at pretty good prices!  Take some time to get familiar with different retailers in your area, or those who offer free shipping!

Here are a couple of my personal favourites to help get you started (PS-both of these retailers sell women’s and men’s clothing!):




This is an amazing retailer that carries lovely, high quality items. They have a revolutionary mission of transparency AND they have free international shipping when you spend $100 or more!!



This retailer  has such great casual basics, that come at a great price! They have an amazing ethical story, AND they are a Canadian company!

So there you have it. I hope you have taken some time to reconsider your wardrobe. You are now one step closer to dressing like a sophisticated adult, who didn’t just roll out of a college frat party! Congratulations. Now go treat yourself to a nice scarf.

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Olivia & the Zillennials

Yes, You ARE a Hoarder: How to De-clutter Your Space

Your room needs some SERIOUS TLC sweetie. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you sort through your mess!

Admit it: as a kid, you were needy AF. No matter what toys or books your parents bought you, you always wanted the next best thing. You would easily toss aside your perfectly good Barbie Dream House as soon as something better came along, (aka Barbie Fairy Princess Palace). For some reason though, you never seemed to get rid of anything, even if it was older and “boring”. The more things you had, the better.

But let’s face it; now that you’re in your twenties, nobody wants to see that mound of stuffed animals in the corner of your room, or the stack of books which you’ll probably never open again. Moving home after living away at school was an eye-opener for me – why did I have so much stuff in my room, considering I was rarely there? Think you’re immune to hoarding tendencies? Check under your bed – I bet you’ll be surprised at the sh*t you’ll find there!

Being a Zillennial is stressful and the world seems to move a million miles an hour, so coming home to a chaotic, junk filled space is not ideal. The first step to resolving your issue is accepting the fact that yes, you are a hoarder. Then, by following our advice on tackling specific spaces,  you’ll be on track to de-cluttering your space in no time!

1. Closets are NOT where dreams go to die!

The first place to start might be the most frightening. I mean there’s no such thing as too many clothes is there? As much as you’d like to think you’ll fit into those two-sizes-too-small jeans, by the time you do (if you do)’ll probably just want to get new ones anyways. If you haven’t worn it within the last year, pass it on to a better home!

2. It’s time to recycle your old notes


Is anyone else’s desk constantly covered with paper? Boxes filled with old class notes? Let’s be real – if you ever have an accounting question or forget how to say something in French, you’re going to Google it, not dig through your grade 12 notes. Throw them out and only keep hard copies of things you really need!

3. So long company-branded swag!

There’s something about free stuff that fires everyone up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pen, fridge magnet, or pack of sticky notes, we’re all guilty of stocking up on the swag. Next time you’re at an event, it’s okay to say no to the free swag because how many pairs of cheap sunglasses, tacky lanyards and pens does one person really need? Sort through your “junk drawer” and get rid of those tacky branded items taking up space!

4. Keep your sanity, sort the vanity

One of my worst habits is starting new products before finishing the old ones. How many bottles of lotion is too many? Cosmetics are one of the easiest things to hoard and hardest to part ways with! If anything is more than two years old…chuck it and limit yourself from buying new ones until you finish up the old!

5. You probably don’t need to keep your old iPod

There’s a famous phrase about “saving for a rainy day” – this may be true when it comes to your money, but it doesn’t have to be true for everything. What if your phone breaks – shouldn’t you keep a backup? It’s likely going to happen to you at some point, but are you really going to pull out your old LG rumor? Of course not – you’ll rush to the Apple store and buy the latest iPhone. Donate your old technology to a good cause and feel good about de-cluttering!

We hope these tips will help you clear the clutter from your life (or at least your bedroom). Woohoo! Now you are one step closer to not being on TLC’S next episode of Hoarders!


Paige & the Zillennials

No, a Futon is not a Couch → 5 Essential Things For Your First Real Home

If you haven’t already done so, it’s high time that you stop passing of your “Friends” poster as “decorating”.

Let’s face it, your house’s current aesthetic looks a conglomeration of seventies couch patterns and trash. And you probably have a tea towel hanging on the wall…or at least I do.

But despite that fact, approximately 99% of my childhood was spent watching HGTV, more specifically House Hunters- I mean, how can you go wrong with a good episode of a couple people trying to find the perfect flat in Paris with a budget that makes literally no sense? All of this HGTV binge-watching, and the fact that the houses I lived in growing up were under constant renovation (thanks Dad), I developed a passion for everything interior design. I don’t know if passion is the right word honestly – it’s more of a religion than anything. So I think it’s high time to get on the right track to creating a “real adult house”, that still reflects who you truly are, and (best of all) at prices that won’t break the bank! Let’s dive right into it, here are five essential things that you need:

1. A Good Couch


Much like the title of this article states: while functional, a futon is nothing more than the epitome of college living. Futons are NOT visually appealing, they provide little to no support and are overall just horrible (try and change my mind – you won’t be able to). And if you don’t have a futon, I bet you have an old hand-me down couch with a flower pattern and a few tears on it. But I mean, it does the job, right? No, no, NO – it is still not ok, and you should not settle. You see, the couch is the cornerstone of the living room. It is like what the CN Tower (or Drake) is to the 6ix; without it, there really isn’t anything interesting about the place (whoops, sorry TO). Ok, so back on track, rather than splurging on your non-fat, iced americano with one pump of vanilla, invest in a nice couch such as one from the AMAZING selection from Structube. Their couches are trendy, affordable and will suit anyone’s style! Seriously, these couches are amazing – and they are a Canadian brand! Check them out here, I’d seriously recommend it → Structube Couches

2. Framed Prints


There is nothing more satisfying than hanging up a beautiful photograph in a perfectly fitted frame- literally, nothing (at least in my opinion). In your first ‘real’ home it is so important to decorate your home by showing off your photos in nice frames, rather than your old, dingy university posters that have seen better days. Nobody wants to see the Friends poster on your walls (you know the one). So basic. However, make sure that whatever pictures you frame truly reflect who you are. Your pictures and artwork tell a story, so what you put up will reflect exactly who you are. Also, just because framing something may seem “fancy”, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. To stay low cost, I recommend finding vintage prints from a cool store, and then finding an inexpensive frame from Ikea to house it in- it can cost as little as $20 to do this! Framing your photos instantly creates a ‘wow’ factor for your home, and is SO simple to do. Check out some fun prints and frames here → Society6 Prints

3. A Nice Carpet


Call me crazy, but I consider this another staple of a nice living space. As I mentioned, your home is a reflection of who you are, so it will be worthwhile to cash-out a little on pieces such as this. A carpet will provide a base for the room (literally), and if you have a gross hardwood or old cat-pee covered carpet, this is the perfect thing to cover it up. Further, they are extremely customizable, for all of you worried about the carpet being too “boring”; playing around with different sizes, colours and textures CAN be fun (I promise). Overall, a carpet can tie everything in a room together, immediately taking an extremely mediocre room to that ‘wow’ factor level. Name another piece of furniture/decor that has the power to do that. I’ll be waiting here for your response.  Carpets also DO NOT have to break the bank! Wayfair has some super trendy carpets at some CRAZY low prices. Stay tuned for their sales because that’s when the prices will literally go out of control. Take a look here →  Wayfair Carpets

4. Real Lighting


We are not talking about string lights here, or as I like to call them, “house fire starters”. Not only are these things DANGEROUS if they aren’t attended to, but they are, to be
quite frank, FUGLY!! Sure, they were fine for your college dorm or student house, but in your first real house, you deserve
real lighting. Seriously. One of the things that has stuck with me the most from taking a few architecture classes is the effect that lighting has on your mood. So, it is beyond important to invest in proper lighting to ensure your space is allowing you to be in the best mood possible, so that you can adult as best as you can. If possible, and your landlord allows you to, hire an electrician (or DIY, if you have that technical ability) to install a dimmer in the main spaces of your home. The right dimmed lighting can set the ~mood~ for the next time you bring your hot date over, or if you just want to watch a movie. Secondly, replace all the ugly blue lighting in your house with bulbs with a nice white/yellow tone. These tones will create a calm mood and won’t make your home feel like a warehouse. Some lighting elements I would personally recommend adding to your home are a nice table and floor lamp. Lamps can help showcase your design flare, and also provide a great alternative to the costs associated with installing overhead lighting. Check out some cool options here: West Elm Lamps

5. Your Personality


Last but not least, an important staple for your home is a good aesthetic that represents YOU. Regardless of all the advice I gave, your home is a reflection of yourself- so make it look that way. Utilize décor such as throw pillows, succulents, or a coffee table book- whatever will make your place more personable is critical to truly feeling at home. I know that my home is going to look like it came straight out of a 60s Scandinavian Furniture ad, so apologies in advance to my future roommates. At the end of the day, you are going to be the one spending the most time in the space so make sure you don’t just like it. Make sure you LOVE it.

Whether you are already living in your first real home in the city, or are on the last few months in your crummy student home, there you have it, a starting approach towards helping you shape up the best version of your first home from, yours truly, a washed-up Pier 1 Imports employee and HGTV junkie.


Aidan & the Zillennials

(PS- If you’re looking for more content, check out my Pinterest board for first apartments!)

How to Date IRL in a Tinder World

We’re going back to the basics people. Talking to each other and all.

Way back when, in a land before smart phones and Google, dating was supposedly very simple.

200Now, let’s skip forward a few decades to today: my mom told me I should try to go on dates with at least three guys this year, and I looked at her like she was absolutely CRAZY. How was that even possible to achieve when I could barely get ONE date in a year?

Good news though! Fortunately, for people like me, the internet has come up with a “solution”!

Tinder. Bumble. Hinge. …And apparently Seeking Arrangement? It seems that online “dating” has taken over as the new norm. These days, it is so easy to hide behind an online profile to “meet” someone. (Now don’t get me wrong, I know some people who have literally found their true loves on these apps- this is NOT a hate post on online dating…)

But let’s face it, Tinder isn’t for everyone. Especially, when the one time you do try Tinder, you just end up getting messages like this:


giphy (2).gif

So for the rest of us, we are going back to the basics. We’re here to help navigate dating IRL, because we’re all just living in a Tinder world.

However, there is an important preliminary thing you need to know before pursuing any of the advice we are about to give: be honest, and be yourself if you want to maintain anything. Seriously, we aren’t in high school anymore, so cut the crap. You cannot expect to find or attract your ideal match if you are not being yourself.

Now since we’ve made that clear, there are three main methods which have worked for people in relationships outside of using dating apps. FYI the advice and methods are tried and tested by our readers…so they DO work.

*SPOILER ALERT*: …you are going to have to be social and step out of your comfort zone…sorry.

1. Talk to each other…IRL

giphy (3).gif

Crazy right? You actually have to talk to someone? Un-freaking-believable. But seriously, talking to someone is a great way to initiate something, whether it be talking with someone you know or don’t really know. If this scares you, just remember that people are shy, so instead of waiting for someone to talk to you, talk to them. We’ve broken this down into two steps:

Step 1: Make the initial interaction and connection

Okay, don’t start off with “I am in love with you I can’t stop thinking about you,” if that is not obvious- you don’t want to scare the other person. Instead, find a point of relevancy to the situation you are in to talk about, and go from there, whether that starting point be simple as “Hey! How’s it going!” or thinking a bit more to try and make a humorous  statement.

Step 2: Ask the question

So after you have talked to this person for a bit, and have made a connection, take a deep breath, and ask one of these super “hard” questions:

  • Hey! Would you mind helping me out with this assignment/course concept?
  • Hey! My friend is having a party soon! Want to come?
  • Hey! Would you want to get coffee sometime soon or catch up?

(Okay, I think you get my point.)

So there’s the super complex way to initiate something. Now, the “date” part is up to you, but it is important to be lighthearted and casual at this stage of the game- and remember that the worst thing someone can say to you is no.

2. Slide into the DMs

giphy (4).gif

Yes I know what you’re thinking, but this CAN work… just DON’T BE WEIRD ABOUT IT. Again, pursuing this process properly can be broken down into a few steps:

Step 1: The initial DM

Look for a cue when sending the first message. It will not only make the DM seem “normal”, but will also give you something to talk about with the other person, especially if you don’t know them very well. This kind of “cue” can include the person posting a photo or sharing an update on social media.

Step 2: Build the connection

If they respond, keep talking to them! Find similarities between the two of you and build up a connection.

Step 3: Ask the question

Use lines such as those from dating IRL method #1- keep the first “date” casual, and don’t ask for them to come over at 2am… if you catch my drift.

3. Get a friend to set you up/introduce you to someone

giphy (5).gif

If all else fails, remember that we probably all have at least 500 Facebook friends who all have at least 500 Facebook friends: Get a friend to introduce you to someone! Seriously. Utilizing your connections can help you get to know people who you otherwise wouldn’t have met or even considered! Don’t limit yourself to your own little social world.

Here’s the point in all this: a S.O. isn’t going to come magically floating down out of the clouds, with hair perfectly blowing in the wind, and the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah playing. If you want something to happen, it is going to take a bit of work to initiate something.

As a wise man once said:

tenor (1).gif

So, go! Put yourself out there. Happy dating IRL.


Olivia & the Zillennials

How To Grocery Shop on a Budget

But seriously, why is cheese so expensive?

Whether you’re living away from home for the first time at school or just moved into your own apartment, the thought of not having your parents cook for you, and having to do your own grocery shopping can be extremely daunting. Why are there so many choices? What brands should I buy? Where should I shop? And worst of all…WHY IS FOOD SO EXPENSIVE? We feel your struggle, which is why we have created the ultimate guide to grocery shopping on a budget.

1. Buy What’s On Sale

One of the easiest ways to save money is by buying what’s on sale and planning your meals around it. This does require some work on your part to see what’s on sale each week, and where. If the thought of flipping through endless flyers sounds archaic and unappealing, don’t worry- I’m with you. Instead, try downloading a weekly shopping app such as Flipp. Flipp uses your location to gather flyers from stores near you and lets you add items to your electronic shopping list. You can also search by item to see what store has the best price and get alerts when sales are ending – a lifesaver if you’re looking to save some $!

2. Avoid Pre-Made Food

As a busy student or working young adult, the last thing you want to do is think about cooking. It can be tempting to go to the store and pick up a premade salad or pre-cooked pasta dish for a quick meal, but if you are looking to save money, this is one of the easiest ways to waste it! Next time you’re at a grocery store, look at the price of a premixed salad. They can easily be $7+, yet buying a head of lettuce, and a bunch of veggies will almost always come out cheaper and will provide you with many salads – not just one! If you’re looking to save money – don’t be lazy! Skip the premades and make it yourself instead!

3. Grocery Shopping While Hungry = BAD


Whatever you do – DO NOT GO GROCERY SHOPPING WHILE YOU ARE HUNGRY! Suddenly, that box of Oreos looks good…and so does the package of croissants and the sushi! You’ll probably end of buying a lot of food you don’t really need – not to mention unhealthy items. Save yourself the trouble and eat before you go, or at least pack something to munch on.

4. Be Careful of Bulk Purchases


If you’re anything like me and you don’t own a car, you probably try to minimize the amount of times you need to go grocery shopping. Costco may seem like your best friend – bulk items at good prices – what more could you want? Just be cautious – buying in bulk may save you some money, but it depends what you are buying. Unless you’re on some crazy protein kick, no one needs 48 eggs, or 8L of milk. If it’s going to go bad before you can finish it, don’t buy it -save the bulk purchases for hoarding snacks and toilet paper instead.

With these tips, we hope you’ll be able to spend a little less cash on groceries and a little bit more on everything else (drinks anyone?).


Paige & the Zillennials

No, You can’t Order a Jäger Bomb at a Restaurant: the Ultimate Guide to Ordering Drinks

Once college is over, you have to start ordering “real” drinks everyone.

Let’s face it – it can be hard to read a room sometimes, especially when it comes to ordering drinks. Being in a “professional” or “fancy” setting just makes it worse, especially with your nerves already at a peak. Do you order something sensible? Do you get what the boss is getting? So many thoughts going into what should be one simple decision. You are absolutely craving a Jäger Bomb to ease your nerves, but you know that’s probably not appropriate. You decide to order something practical, and go for the Jackson Triggs white wine. Well, let’s state this lesson early – you should NOT go for either! In my opinion, ordering drinks in formal settings is all about balance, and although mine may not be the best advice, at least it is some sort of advice (I mean, I did work one shift as a bartender). Nonetheless, here are some of my best drink ordering recommendations in order to not embarrass yourself in front of your coworkers and/or boss! 



Wine is an easy go-to for any dinner occasion, but beware, your wine choice may say something about you, so choose carefully! Choosing an expensive red wine may come off as bold, and show that you are a bit stuck-up (again, this is just my opinion). Ordering a lighter, white wine comes off as more casual, and easy going (even if you are a serious wine fanatic). ALSO, it won’t stain your lips or teeth dark red, which is a huge plus. One more thing, try to avoid the cheapest and most expensive options – something in the middle shows that you aren’t a cheapo, but you aren’t going to grab the bill for the table.

My Go To: Even though I do love a nice glass of prosecco, I typically go for a mid-priced chardonnay. This helps me come across as easy going and sophisticated, but not too pretentious.



Beer can be a tough thing to order in a more formal setting, but it can also be an opportunity to showcase a bit more of your personality. In these situations, avoid at all costs any brand with a ‘cheap’ or a ‘college’ affiliation. You want to show that your palate is more developed than simply whatever will get you buzzed the fastest (even if that is your goal). Opt for beers that stray away from the big name brands and have flavours that pair well with the food you have ordered.

My Go To: I leave it up to the server! I like to ask if they have any local craft beers on tap and if they would recommend anything. Not only does this allow you to make a personal connection with the server, but it shows the other people that you care about getting something local, that will pair well with your meal. Overall it makes it seem like you know what you’re talking about, even if you don’t!



WE ARE TREADING INTO ROUGH WATERS HERE. Ordering a cocktail can make you look either sophisticated or trashy based on what you order. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any cocktail that has any type of sugary substances in it. Save those drinks for the club. Instead, any simple drink with a basic hard alcohol should be good to go. Martinis and lightly mixed drinks are definitely a crowd pleaser.

My Go To: A simple gin and tonic. It shows class, simplicity and that you are not too serious. It  may even show that you have a more refined taste, which will impress the people around you. Literally,  you cannot go wrong with a nice G&T.

Not in the mood to drink


It’s completely fine to not order an alcoholic beverage if you are not in the mood! Plus, you will save a few dollars in the process! BUT, whatever you do- do NOT go for a sugary soda. You are not 10 years old. Instead, opt for some sparkling water, and ask for a lemon wedge. That way, it gives off the sophistication of having a cocktail- but really, it’s just Perrier. What a revelation!

Well, there you have it, all my advice for how to impress people on your next dinner date or at drinks with work. Goodbye Jäger Bomb, and hello Chardonnay. 


Aidan & the Zillennials

Welcome to The Zillennial

(UPDATE: this blog post is NOT a serious interpretation of how we view generations, but really just our light hearted introductory post to our blog about “adulthood hacks”. Thanks for visiting. XOXO)

So what is this blog all about? Well, from our experience, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to where the line is drawn between the Millennial and Gen Z age demographic. As ’97s, we definitely feel stuck between whether we identify as one or the other. So what does that mean for us? Who are we? And how the heck do we navigate adulthood if we can’t even figure out which generation we are a part of?

Well first thing’s first, let’s get this straight: What makes someone a Millennial or a Gen Z? From our research, across the board, sources can agree on a few traits which define Millennials and Gen Z:

Millennials did not grow up in the iPad era, instead, they grew up using MSN and MySpace on their parents’ desktop computer. Further, Millennials are very optimistic and idealistic- they grew up during a time when the economy was good, and so they are not extremely careful with money (avocado toast anyone?). They love expressing themselves through brands.

Gen Z grew up in the technology era- most of their childhood was spent with social media, iPads, and smartphones always at hand. Gen Z grew up during the economic crisis, meaning they are a bit more frugal when it comes to spending money. Gen Z really values expressing their individuality.  

So for those of us who maybe cannot strictly define ourselves as one of these, where do we fit in? TRICK QUESTION. We will not fit in. We will STAND OUT.

We are ~the Zillennials~. We are that group between generations, and we are charting our own map for the future. The next time Baby Boomers blame Millennials for ruining everything, or complain about how Gen Z does not look up from their cell phones, you can say: “hey! That’s not me! I’m a Zillennial, and I’m kicking a**!”.

So let’s navigate adulthood and everything that comes with it, together: from finding the ideal career, to moving out on our own, to figuring out what wine we’re supposed to order at a classy restaurant.

Let’s get our sh*t together fellow Zillennials.



Aidan, Olivia, and Paige.