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Making a Commitment

Let us tell you, being a Zillennial is not easy

Sometimes committing to something can be tough, especially if you are in a time of your life where you are surrounded by so much change. Commitment changes shapes, and sometimes can just be easier to forget than to follow through on your promises – this is what makes it so challenging. Sometimes commitment leads us in over our heads, sometimes it leads to the best thing ever. The fact of the matter is that in life, we are surrounded by hundreds of commitments that we made at one point or other. That utility bill you agreed to? That’s a commitment. The dinner plans you made months that you really want to bail on? That’s (unfortunately) also a commitment.

Where I am going with this long and sad attempt at being ~inspiring~ is that commitment is something that is difficult, and can be something that can be hard to uphold. I mean, I guess that is why it is called a ‘commitment’. I promise you this ramble is going somewhere…

Last October, in what was a very different world (who would’ve thought we’d miss going to the office), we decided we would restart the Zillennial for everyone who had been there along the way through our journey and grow our platform across Zillennials. Well, one blog post and a few sad instagram posts later, we fell short of that promise. Being a Zillennial is TOUGH. We are in the early points of our careers trying to make our mark on the world, all while trying to balance a personal life, find love and somehow fit sleep (among other things) into this equation. This is not easy work (even though I am sure there is a person or two who would tell us otherwise), and with everything we were juggling, we lost touch of our blog and forgot about the commitment we made.

Flash forward to June, our former professor, JP, invited us back to speak as Zoom guest lecturers for the very same class where the Zillennial was born. After speaking to the students about our blog, some of which were well established business people pursuing their MBAs/EMBAs, we were inspired by the love for the Zillennial and realized that it would be too sad to let something as special as this fizzle into the depths of the Google search algorithm – it is time for a rebirth. 

So here we are now telling you we are coming back – but like actually this time. We want the Zillennial to be the place you come to after a long day a work and you just need a fun article to pick you up, we want it to be that mid-day chuckle during a hard day, we want it to be a place where you can get advice. We want the Zillennial be a place for you to come to find a community of like minded people who are somehow stuck between two generations. 

That is our commitment to you, and we can’t wait to see what it brings.


Aidan & the Zillennials